Terreno Moves Forward

Terreno has been submitted for rezoning. This 153 unit development, located on the eastern slopes of Dilworth Mountain in Kelowna, will feature townhouses and slope-adaptive apartment buildings. Although the design was constrained by topography, riparian areas, rights-of-way and land use covenants, the design team prepared a plan which not only respected these constraints but also produces an elegant and efficient development. It retains large areas as undisturbed open space. It produces minimal visual impact for adjacent urban areas while offering except panoramic views for the Terreno residents. It increases connectivity within both the civic road and recreational trail networks. It increases the stock of City park land.


The proposed development will be divided between three lots. A 45 unit apartment building and 9 townhouses would be located on a lot in the northern portion of the site. This land slopes up towards Mount Baldy and is constrained along its southern edge by a wetland. Immediately to the south of this is a portion of the site set aside as a road reserve for the potential extension of McCurdy Road to Mount Baldy Drive. An adjacent lot located on the central portion of the site will contain a single 24 unit apartment building. This is gently slope land below the site’s central knoll. The knoll itself, and the hollow further south, comprise the third lot. This will contain two apartment buildings of 27 and 18 units sharing a parking structure on the knoll and a 30 unit townhouse development in the hollow. Each lot will be accessed from Mount Baldy Drive and have views out towards Mill Creek in the east.

I am pleased to have worked with Terrence Johnston of Optus Advisors, D. E. Pilling & Associates, and Westerkamp Designs in the development of this site master plan and look forward to advancing the project through to construction.