Landscape Design

Donald has planned and overseen the installation of landscapes at all scales, ranging from intimate family gardens to multifamily developments and corporate campuses. They are strong and evocative designs, providing a connection between the outside world and the architecture of the site. They provide circulation and habitable spaces.


Body HW Streetscape

Single Family

Single family residential landscapes can be some of the most intriguing spaces to design. They should be extensions of the house that are both functional and beautiful, providing an arrival sequence and the habitable space. Private landscapes should also reflect the lifestyle and the needs of the residents. Donald works with home owners to develop hard and soft landscape designs that blend all these elements to create a gracious space.



Body Towne Walk Front


Landscapes for multi-unit, ground oriented residential developments have particular requirements relating to the creation of private open space, efficient circulation and security. These needs must often be met within a compact area. Donald has experience in the meeting these requirements in projects ranging from affordable housing development to luxury communities.




Body Fountainbleau AutumnStacked Residential

Stacked residential unit developments, whether towers or low-rise, often require the design of flexible common use amenities in addition to private gardens for ground level apartments. Definition of space and issues of privacy are key concerns. Soft landscape areas often extend over parking structures, raising issues relating to soil depth and weight. Donald has considerable experience in the development of such landscape for stand alone projects and as part of multi-phased developments.



InstitutionalBody Normanna Care Home

Donald has experience in multi-level care homes, schools and various government facilities. As a consequence, he familiar with programmatic, operational and physical requirements that can be integral to such projects. He is also familiar with the distinct design development process that can accompany each.




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Civic & Park

Donald has been involved with parks ranging in size from pocket amenities to regional facilities. They have been urban, suburban and rural. They haven featured sports facilities and wilderness trails. In short, they have been a diverse cross section of public recreational landscapes. Each design has made best use of the site based on a clear understanding of the operational programme and user demographic of each site.