Residential Development

Donald has participated in numerous family and multifamily projects as a yield planner, development consultant or landscape architect. This breadth of experience informs his decisions at all levels of design. He works to develop communities that are exciting and inviting places to live, work and play. Projects have ranged from mixed use developments in Florida to mountain side communities on the Sea-to-Sky Highway to cottage enclaves in Saskatchewan. Each project has brought its unique blend of challenges, opportunities and the satisfaction that comes from building a better place for people.

Body Site AnalysisHighland Park, Calgary AB

Donald has experiencing in researching and compiling data from diverse sources and working in coordination with a consulting team to generate detailed opportunities and constraints mapping. This information is presented in a clear graphic format to act as the basis for land use decisions. Donald works to create the best fit between uses and site conditions while retaining programmatic integrity. He emphasizes the fiscal, environmental and practical importance of understanding site realities.

Body Site Synthesis.jpgHighland Park, Calgary AB

Land use plans are based on a comprehensive understanding of site conditions and jurisdictional requirements. Plans also address issues of context and access. No decision is made in isolation. The objective is to create a development which is both functional and appropriate, suitable to the requirements of its residents and harmonious with its setting.

Donald crafts yield plans that reflect the findings of the site analysis and land use plan. These conceptual layouts refine the design intent into discrete parcels. Core areas and neighbourhoods are created. Linkages and buffers are established. Vehicular and pedestrian connections are defined. The yield plan anticipates not merely unit counts but also the shape of the community itself.

Body Pinnacle PlanPinnacle Ridge, Anmore BC

Yield plans evolve into site designs which incorporate the necessary additional information required to provide proof of concept. Sight designs are based on real world examples of applicable building and facility types. Conceptual grading, refined vehicular circulation and pedestrian corridors are also woven into the design. Entry monumentation, internal signage and key amenity features are located.

Body Residential Section St. Augustine, Florida

The community is now fully envisioned and circumscribed by a set of principles that will guide detailed design. Building from this solid foundation will result in a functional and harmonious development meeting the needs of its residents and their guests.